Robert Howe

Web Development

Robert Howe

Web Development

Hello there

If you havent already guessed my names is Robert Howe, I am a web developer based in Manchester.

An overview of what I do:

Some of the tech I use


I have been using Magento for about 3 years.

I am a Magento Front End certified Developer.


CMS of choice is WordPress, if it comes to a blog or catalog style website WordPress is my go to guy.


I started using SASS with the Compass app on Windows, nowadays its command line and I prefer to use libSass it uses C rather than Ruby and the speed difference is crazy

Using a preprocessor was a bit of a no brainer for me, using variables and mixins alone sold it to me. When developing I try to style following a DRY approach and I feel SASS gives you enough tools to do this effectivley.


It would be rude not to surley


This is the main Javascript library I use, write less do more!

Gulp and Grunt

When I first heard about task runners my mind was blown! Grunt and Gulp allow you to automate all of those manual tasks you might do in development and more.

I prefer Gulp over Grunt due to Gulps streaming and the ease of piping tasks, also Gulp is FASTER so again its a no brainer.

I am always looking at improving my front end workflow and the amount of tools out their avaliable automation is the way forward.


Bower is a package manager built for web libraries and plugins


I aim to create clean valid HTML markup in my projects


I code in PHP


I use Vagrant and virtual box for my local development, its a great tool for creating a local enviroment and havuing full control over your local development server. Also using Puphet you can create custom boxes really easy, I have found this a useful tool using with Vagrant.

PHP Storm

I have used many IDE's, now for big project work I use PHP Storm. The functionality it offers as an editor it just unreal!

Sublime Text

Using an IDE like PHP Storm can be a strain on resources, my go to editor for quick edits or smaller projects is Sublime Text.

Projects I have worked on

Just a few of the projects have I been apart of.

Nottingham Forest Club Shop

I was involved with the Magento build for Nottingham Forest. This project was a brand new website build and I was heavily involved with the front end development of the site Have a look at the site

Nottingham Forest Club Shop Magento Web build.


Prestige was a Magento re design project I worked on. I was apart of the team that developed Prestige Magento web store following their new online re brand Check it out

Powertool World

Magento Web build project Check it out

Travelling Man

Magento Web build project Take a look at the site


I have undertaken quite a few freelance projects, my main source of freelance work is through People per Hour. I am happy to have 100% positive feedback from all of the clients I have done work for. Take a look at my profile

Get in touch

Have a freelance project or need some help with your website? Feel free to drop me an email